Nesa Investment Holdings


Nesa Venture Capital Investments (Pty) Ltd T/A Nesa Investment Holdings is a section 12J Venture Capital Company that offers a unique investment product that delivers attractive risk adjusted returns.

Nesa Investment Holdings aims to provide Investors with risk adjusted returns through investing in a portfolio of annuity income yielding renewable energy projects. Nesa Investment Holdings invests in small scale (up to 1 megawatt) renewable energy assets and will generate income either through the rental of the Assets or the sale of power generated by the Renewable Energy Assets to credit worthy Clients. Nesa Investment Holdings currently focuses on grid-tie rooftop Photovoltaic (‘PV’) (solar) and other solar solutions.

Nesa Investment Holdings partners with engineering, procurement and construction (‘EPC’) companies in the market who assess, design, commission and manage Renewable Energy Projects and who are seeking funding for their PV projects.

Nesa Investment Holdings is an authorized financial services provider (FSP 46210) and an approved venture capital company with the South African Revenue Service (VCC-0023).

Investment Benefits

Technical Partner

Nesa Investment Holdings has partnered with CreoVision (Pty) Ltd, an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company focusing on commercial rooftop solar PV projects. Creovision is the appointed technical partner and provides technical expertise to the implementation, monitoring and maintenance of the renewable energy projects that Nesa Investment Holdings invests in.

CreoVision’s goal is to enable companies to achieve their sustainability goals by implementing long-term solar PV investments that deliver the promised results. In order to achieve this, thorough and conservative viability assessments, PV software simulation and financial modelling are conducted on all sites before to give clients a realistic perspective on what they can expect from a solar PV system. Furthermore, only new age PV technology with exceptional performance track records are used in all projects.

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Make an investment

Prospective investors wishing to make an investment in Nesa Investment Holdings are requested to please contact Nesa Capital for further details on how to invest in Nesa Investment Holdings.

Renewable Energy Project Funding Application

Prospective EPC companies seeking funding for the solar projects should please contact Nesa Capital for further information on how to apply for funding.

Before contacting Nesa Capital, EPC companies must ensure their projects demonstrate the minimum characteristics: